I lifted my way through recovery and I’ve progressed so much in the past year. It’s crazy how much things can change when you start believing in yourself. I want others to believe that they have the power to achieve anything they want and they too can lift their way through recovery. #recovery #edrecovery #progress #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #bodybuilding #fitfam #healthy #iifym #motivation #fitness


It’s supposed to be Day 3 of BBG. Yeah, not so much. First of all, I still can’t walk. No kidding, my friends are having the time of their lives seeing me climbing the stairs. It takes me a minute to sit down. And of course, today’s the day I keep dropping stuff to the floor. Or it just falls out of my pocket. All the freaking time. I almost have to lay to pick it up because that’s the easiest way to do it. And secondly, I burnt myself. With a soup, in the middle of a restaurant. Who else is that clumsy? Nobody, of course. There are blisters all over my arm. So I’m not doing the workout because a) I should do jumping squats, at least 30 of them, and I can hardly sit down, b) my arm’s looking terrible. If my legs hurt less tomorrow, I will do it then. 

Good morning. Yummy oatmeal before low intensity steady state. I’m meeting my friend for a drink at another city and thought I could use this oppurtunity to do my workout so I’ll be walking there instead of taking a bus. Not sure how that’s gonna go, I can hardly move my legs. But it must be done. Have a great day everyone!

This was so hard. When I saw the workouts in the ebook, I was like: oh that seems ok. NOT OK. I did Devina’s workout, I did Shaun T’s Insanity but this was the whole new level because I knew all exercises from before and it’s just how quickly you  have to do them. Circuit one - I was breathing so heavy it was embarassing. Like I never exercised before. Circuit two - I couldn’t do burpees. I did like 3 and then just went on beause my legs were shaking, I can’t do push ups and no. Didn’t go. When it was weighted step ups turn, I almost fell down off the chair because my legs were so weak. Next exercise is medicine ball squat & press. I used a glass bowl filled with fruit instead and cried why doing this. Still pushed myself to do one more round but after I just ran to bathroom because I had never been as close to vomiting when working out. After 5 minute rest, I continued with circut one. Hardly moving. Wanted to quit again after, but then I realized…I had been waiting for Monday to start this. Am I going to waste another week because it’s too hard? NO. So I did it. Also, today’s 5th day of my clean eating. Reading Kayla’s nutrition guide I found out I don’t eat enough. So I’m working on that now. 

I think I can do this. This time I’m gonna stick to it. On Thursday I’m also getting WARRIOR tattooed on my wrist because I need a contsant reminder I don’t quit that easily and have overcome so many fears already.